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Arthritic Hands Paint “Memory Screens”
Jane D. Ogilvie

According to the Arthritis Foundation
“Arthritis is second only to heart disease as a cause of work disability”.

screen in window

Let me introduce you to an Arthritis sufferer who was unable to work as a biologist after 25 years in the field of research.  Meet Anna Pasqualucci, Baby Boomer (like many of us), and Screen Painter. You can read this interesting story and learn about screen painting on Anna’s website.

Arthritic, creaky, achy joints and all, Anna decided to pick up a paintbrush. Having always been artistically inclined, she discovered that painting was something she could still do. Being a Baltimorean (or “Bawlamorean” as a true native would say ), Anna remembers seeing painted screens in people’s windows and doors. They were a form of house decoration and provided pleasure to both the homeowner and the passerby. Like many things, painted screens on windows and doors went by the wayside. Until now!  Anna has resurrected the art of screen painting.

The idea of having a painted screen to us, who remember them, is itself a nostalgic reminder of much simpler and carefree days. Anna is able to bring this old and forgotten art form to life again and create pictures based on memories of old Baltimore, the new Baltimore, and those things forever for all Marylanders like steamed crabs and the Orioles.

Recently Anna painted a screen for my aunt who has nothing but fond memories of the Baltimore neighborhood she grew up in. The area of the City is nowhere close to being in 2008 what it was as my Aunt remembers it.

Like screen painting, the neighborhood that never was referred to as “exclusive” but was always friendly, caring, clean, and safe, went by the wayside. There is no possibility of returning to that neighborhood now to live, but Anna has lovingly brought it back as remembered by my Aunt in the form of a painted screen.

For those of you with elderly loved ones like my Aunt who hold fond memories of better times, a painted screen by Anna could be a treasured gift. I invite you to consider, enjoy and purchase the inspired artwork of arthritis sufferer, Anna Pasqualucci.  Painting is therapeutic for her.  Artwork by Anna is a perfect gift for the painter, the giver, and the lucky recipient.

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